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99 Theory

 The title of this project is derived from the inspiration behind it: the 99 names of God (Allah). In Islam God has 99 names that appear throughout Islamic history in the Quran and hadeeth. Most muslims attitudes towards these names are that of hope, happiness and spiritual fulfillment.

Furthermore, individuals who memorize these names in the islamic religion are promised guaranteed admission into heaven. For this reason I have designed an installation with 99 acrylic squares, each square has as many circles as the sequence in which it is placed in, which is in numerical order. for example the first acrylic square has 1 circle, the second square has 2 circles and so on. I chose the circle shape to show the infinite power of spirituality.

In conclusion I hope to inspire people to find

their own path to spiritual fulfillment and enlightenment and eventually happiness and hope.

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