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Happiness is a choice! Something I believe in strongly. Although our moods and attitudes can be affected by certain pleasant or unpleasant events it is not the only determining factor when it come to our mental well being. 

Research has suggested that 40% of our happiness is a conscious choice, the trick I’ve found is to be more mindful. If human beings can be more mindful when it comes to improving our moods it could be surprising what we could accomplish. 

On this basis I have designed an interactive calendar to help people with exactly that. The calendar consists of a base engraved to create places for months and days of the week. It also has cubes with letters engraved on them to create the names of months and 7 cubes

for the 7 days of the week so the individual can start their week with the day of their choosing. Also, it contains small squares to represent days of the months but without numbers, in place of the numbers are lines that connect from the first day of the month to the last. This line creates a “path” this “path” starts “smoothly” at the beginning of the month. the individual using it can continue to maintain this smoothness by arranging the cubes to form straight lines or flip the cubes 90 degrees to the left to convey his unsatisfactory feelings about that particular day. 

The transparent design of this calendar reflects the importance of being transparent with yourself. 

By partaking in this exercise the individual is monitoring his mood day in and day out so they have a bigger grasp on his/her happiness.

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