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He Sees Me

“Anamorphism is an image or drawing distorted in such a way that

it becomes recognizable only when viewed in a specified manner or through a special device.” 

“And even if you cannot see him, he sees you” is the definition of Ehsan, a fundamental aspect of the islamic religion and one of the three dimensions of islam. It calls for a muslim to carry out religious responsibilities with a degree of excellence as if they are being watched by god. And although they cannot physically see him they know without a shadow of a doubt that he sees them. 

I would like to inspire people through this project to strive for excellence in every aspect of their lives, that they carry out their tasks or jobs as if they are being closely monitored by a boss, a parent or anyone in charge. I chose this phrase to express an ideology, one that many individuals can adopt to drive them to excellence and beyond. I believe that although this phrase originated in islam it can easily be applied to many individuals lives who come from different religious backgrounds and cultural upbringings.

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