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I Believe

“Diversity is the spice of life”

A phrase we’ve heard time and time again. but how does this apply to the human race?

People more than anything are an incredibly diverse group of living things. Whether it be diversity in appearance, language or cultures and belief.

Beliefs more than anything can be a powerful driving force behind peoples actions. I have designed a board game that is composed of a wooden base that has cubes that fit into its frame, these cubes have different patterns on them. These patterns represent the diversity of the human race.

On the other hand, the one size of the cubes represent the assumptions that we are all of one race: the human race.

In addition, some of the cubes have a solid side, these cubes represent the notion of belief, belief in anything, in religion, culture, love or even a set of principles that one may live by.

I would like people to arrange the cubes to form different words. words that inspire them, or words that may express a feeling or even an idea.

Finally, the idea of this project comes form the idea that human beings are made from the same substance, we all have hearts, we all have brains, we all need food and water to sustain us.

In my opinion there lies a profound beauty in the thought that we might have more than one side to us.

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