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Journey of Growth

Make a mark, make a difference. I believe that we as human beings are complex creatures capable of adapting, changing and growing throughout our lives. thorough my readings I came across a quote that reflects my sentiment: “Go into the world and do well but more importantly go into the world and do good”-Mino Myers

I have assembled a video that reflects some of the stages I believe some people go through during their lifetimes. in addition, I believe that people should enjoy and immerse themselves in these stages and learn from them. I believe by doing this one can achieve substantial self growth.

(عش في الدنيا كعابر سبيل و اترك خلفك كل أثر جميل) an arabic proverb that promotes leaving behind a legacy of beauty and good in the world, but first we must start with our selves.

We must be proactive and take initiative when it comes to self growth. We must recognize that we as human beings wont live forever, we must sieze the moment and make a change.

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