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Thesis Statement

I believe in spirituality. I’m interested in visualizing my thoughts for people to interact with.

My hope is that when people experience my work from their different perspectives, they become inspired to make their own unique world and have their own beliefs. 

My work is focused on attracting people and reminding them of the fact that: we might be looking at the same thing but often perceive it differently, depending on past experiences that shape how we view and perceive the world. 

Some people see a cloudy day as a sign of a bad day. For others, it might mean a rainy happy day. Also, rain could mean a bad sign for some people where for others it could be a sign of blessing from God. 

However, whether the sky is cloudy or rainy, this will not change what it is exactly; it will only alter your perspective.​​

In my work, I would like people to see their own skies within my sky. I want them to hold their umbrellas to cover their heads from

the rain or choose to get wet on my rainy day. It is their choice according to what they see, feel, believe and perceive. 

Generally, my designs reflect the topics of belief and faith.

Part of my process before I began experimenting for my thesis was to look around, think and read as much as possible in order to have this unique idea to install something that makes anyone who sees it see himself or herself in it, as if the audience and I are speaking the same language. I have been inspired by many different design techniques such as: anamorphism, mark making, sequencing, among others. These types of design works distort form and perspective, requiring the viewer to occupy a specific vantage point to recognize the image. I want to enable more than one point of view to visualize thoughts through these techniques.

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